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Bond Turner is one of the leading law firms representing thousands of clients with their emissions claim against VW Group and Mercedes-Benz. We are committed to ensuring that our clients affected by the “emissions scandal” are compensated.

If you purchased, financed and/or leased a diesel Mercedes-Benz vehicle in England or Wales between 2008 and 2018, you may be entitled to claim compensation. To find out more visit the Mercedes Emissions Claims section.

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Still have a few things you'd like to clear up? We've answered some common questions here.

Over the years, regulators around the world have tried to ensure that car manufacturers make environmentally friendly cars and only output what they deem to be ‘safe’ levels of emissions. However, the VW Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and SEAT), decided that they would rather ignore these rules in pursuit of greater profits. This has meant that the vehicles that were sold were less efficient than advertised and that consumers were misled when purchasing their car.

The Volkswagen (VW) Group admitted that 11 million cars worldwide were fitted with an algorithm built into the car’s engine management software. The software recognised when the car was being tested for emissions, and manipulated engine performance to produce a lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) reading.

Within the EU and the USA, the VW Group has already been fined and litigated against with successful settlements achieved for customers who bought these vehicles.

Further to this, other manufacturers such as Mercedes have been accused of similar behaviour with their range of diesel vehicles. We are pursuing action against Mercedes and are investigating other manufacturers that we believe are in violation of these rules.


If you are someone who purchased an affected vehicle, it is your right to seek financial compensation when a company deceives you, no matter how big or small. The more people that make claims, the bigger the impact of the legal precedent and awards to the consumers.


Whilst we can’t yet put an exact figure on the amount you’ll receive, based on the settlements in the United States, we are hoping to achieve an average of £5,000 per car though it could be less than this based on UK regulations.

For the Mercedes action, we are hoping to get a larger settlement amount per car. If you have a Diesel Mercedes, please Click Here


Yes, you can still make a claim, even if the car was purchased second-hand or used. The reason you can still make a claim is because you are still effectively overpaying for a vehicle that you purchased, believing that it was better performance and had better fuel economy than it really did.


Bond Turner are a long-standing expert law firm that are part of the publicly listed Anexo Group. We use our extensive resources to fight passionately for every one of our clients, whether as individual claims or large group actions. Our primary aim with this type of litigation is to get you as much compensation as possible for being misled about your car purchase. We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis, giving you peace of mind and an expert service.


The way that a No Win, No Fee agreement works is that you sign up with the details that we require about you and your vehicle(s), if you’re eligible, we sign you up to the legal claim. You would then sign an agreement saying that we would only be entitled to take any money from you on the basis that we are successful in getting you compensation. In order to ensure that you receive a fair amount of money, we will always cap our fees at a maximum of 50% of what is awarded. However, our final fee may be lower than this (e.g. a 25% deduction), as long as we are able to cover the very high costs involved of funding, insuring and litigating this case. The more people that join the action, the better the outcome is likely to be for everyone.


Signing up is a very quick and easy process that only takes 15-30 seconds of your time. Once you have answered three simple questions about your vehicle, you simply fill in your information and we will then contact you to confirm your details. If you are eligible, we will require a couple of documents from you about your car, but don’t worry, we will guide you through this process and make it easy and straightforward for you.

If you have a Diesel Mercedes, please Click Here

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